New Zealand Exotic Driftwood


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New Zealand Exotic Driftwood is a collection of rare hardwoods from the Southern Island of New Zealand. During the changes of seasons in the Southern Alpine Mountains strong weather events cause massive “slips” in rocky areas covered in native New Zealand Hardwood Trees.

These trees are broken up and washed down the mountains into the ice gold glacial rivers. Slowing they make their way towards the West Coast Ocean River mouths. The twists and turns on this long trip naturally remove all the bark and oils from the wood resulting in a paper smooth final work of art. The purifying water of the pristine rivers also wash away any tannins and oils from the woods.

100% Sustainably collected under license
All hardwood NZ species Heavy and will sink.
Very light in tannins

Size of Driftwood: 46 x 10 x 6 cm

New Zealand Exotic Driftwood;

  • The Driftwood pictured is the exact piece you will receive
  • 100% Safe for an Aquarium and Terrariums
  • There are multiple pictures of the same piece of wood
  • Suitable for Fish, Reptiles & Birds


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