AZOO CO2 Indicator With Reagent For Planted Aquariums


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The AZOO CO2 Indicator is ideal for measuring and maintaining the proper levels of CO2 for the planted aquarium. CO2 is the most important aquatic plant nutrient. The plant will not grow in insufficient carbon dioxide conditions, but it will be harmful to fish in high concentration of CO2. This indicator shows the correct concentration of CO2 needed to sustain healthy plants. Only counting bubbles to predict the concentration of carbon dioxide in the aquarium will not give you an accurate scientific measurement.  AZOO CO2 INDICATOR can easily read the actual concentration of carbon dioxide just by color change of solution. AZOO CO2 INDICATOR offers the best suggestion for you to adjust the appropriate amount of CO2. The use of this product will assure you make a great start and continuance of a successful planted aquarium.


  1. Add 5 drops of CO2 test solution to test vial.
  2. Fill aquarium water slowly into the test vial till the water level line.
  3. Fit the bottom stand with the test vial tightly, and rotate it up side down as the figures.
  4. Put AZOO CO2 INDICATOR inside the aquarium, approximately 10 cm below the water surface.
  5. Compare the color in test vial with the appropriate colour bar stuck to the outside of the tank. Most cases it will use color card 1 (KH=2-7). Use color card 2 as higher carbonate hardness (KH=8-15)

AZOO CO2 Indicator:

  • Contains CO2 Indicator & Test Reagent
  • Easy To Use
  • 10mL


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