MR AQUA CO2 Glass Diffuser


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MR AQUA CO2 Glass Diffuser is specially designed to maximize the conversion of CO2 into a fine mist that can be easily absorbed by aquarium plants. The convenient glass body conveys a sleek stylish look giving your CO2 setup a professional feel. Can be used with any CO2 system.


When installing pressure-enduring pipes for the CO2 regulator they should be longer to allow distance installation. Open the CO2 regulator slowly. A certain amount will first accumulate in the gauge before starting to dispense. Determine the amount of CO2 needed by pH value.

MR AQUA CO2 Glass diffuser:

  • CO2 Diffuser
  • Suitable for tanks up to 200 litres
  • Can be used with any CO2 system
  • Suction cup included
  • High quality ceramic disk
  • Glass


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