PISCES NATURAL PRODUCTS AquaLat Substrate by Oliver Knott Laterite 7 Litres


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AquaLat by Oliver Knott is naturally occuring rare laterite spheres sourced from Northern Australia. Laterite, a common nutrient supplement in aquariums, forms over time from rocks leaching a range of sediments and minerals to produce a fertile soil rich in iron oxide and other minerals required for healthy plant growth. Use separately as a stand alone substrate or together with AquaEarth, by being placed under it as a bottom layer to achieve optimum results.

Ideal to be used with tropical fish and shrimp. AquaLat will help maintain your bio-filtration and is pH stable. Granule size up to 12mm wide. Mineral rich to give healthy nutrition to your plants which in turn helps to maintain the vitality of your fish.

Use AquaLat by World Renowned Aquascaper Oliver Knott to give your plants the best.

Bag Size Approx.: 38 x 30 x 6 cm


Do not wash product before use

  1. AquaLat is a rich laterite based substrate. It can be used as a base fertilizer platform with other substrates such as AquaEarth, AquaLava and AquaIron. Alternatively, the unique properties of AquaLat allow it to be used alone as an all in one fertilizer and gravel substrate.
  2. As AquaLat contains a clay component please follow these instructions before use:
    Rinse in a bucket or sieve to remove the smallest particulars. Do not over wash.
    AquaLat will continue to let off some red clay whenever washed – this is normal.
  3. Evenly spread un-washed AquaEarth over the aquarium base.
  4. Slowly fill your aquarium with water until the water level is about 3-4cm above the AquaLat. This makes easier planting.
  5. Use a scraper or ruler to level the surface, or if desired create gradients.
  6. Begin planting your aquarium. Make sure you spray your plants with water until the planting process is completed.
  7. Once the aquarium is planted, slowly fill your tank to the desired level.
  8. Power up your filter system and leave for a few days and any clay in the water will sink or be removed by your filter.
  9. Following this recommended process will result in crystal clear water.

Care and Attention;

  • The water quality control attributes of AquaLat will naturally decrease over time.
  • Use for freshwater, aquariums, paludarium and tropical terriums.
  • Not suitable for strong burrowing fish or use with aquarium gravel cleaners.


  • Mineral Rich
  • For Aquariums, Paludarium & Tropical Terrariums
  • pH Stable
  • Granule size: 1 – 12mm
  • Colour: Rust Red
  • Bag Size: 7 Litres (38 x 30 x 6cm)


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