RESUN EF1200 Aqua Syncro Xtreme UV External Canister Filter AE120U


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RESUN EF1200 Aqua Syncro Xtreme UV Xtreme Canister Filter AE120U is a highly reliable and powerful filtering pump of great performance, low power consumption and low noise. UV clarifier to effectively remove algae from the tank. Mechanical, chemical and biological filtration process for maximizing water purification while reproducing beneficial nitro bacteria. Quick-start button. Compact, simple installation, and water leak-proof structure. Removable inlet/outlet combo makes cleaning convenient. Adjustable flow rate. High quality ceramic shaft suitable for both fresh and marine water aquariums.

This is the RESUN EF1200U Filter that has been repackaged in Australia by the importer Absolute Aquarium.

RESUN EF1200 Aqua Syncro AE120U Xtreme Canister Filter;

  • Suitable for Aquariums 200 – 400 Litres
  • 1200 LPH
  • UV Lamp Built In -13w
  • 30 Watt
  • Ceramic Ring and Carbonized & Filter sponge Included
  • Adjustable Flow Rate
  • 19mm Inlet, 16mm outlet
  • Size 24 x 24 x 46 cm
  • 2 Year Warranty Motor Only


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