RESUN HF2002 Hang On Back Filter


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RESUN HF2002 Hang On Back Filter is perfect for aquariums from 40 up to 230 Litres. With a flow rate of 570 Litres per hour, it is uniquely designed to ensure total water flow through all media with no by pass, allowing only clean water back into the aquarium. Debris and liquid toxins are completely removed. Effectively combines mechanical and biological filtration by cartridge with sponge and carbon to support the colonization of beneficial bacteria which reduces ammonia and nitrite concentrations. Use compact filter cartridge for easy maintenance
Water output breaks surface tension promoting oxygen replacement and eliminating harmful carbon dioxide. Powerful water current keeps dirt suspended so it’s easily picked up at the siphon input, efficiently dispersing oxygenated water to all parts of the aquarium. Prevents thermal layering.

RESUN HF2002 Hang On Back Filter:

  • Biological & Mechanical Filtration
  • Aquariums from 40 – 230 Litres
  • 6w
  • 570L/H


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