OASE BioPlus 100 Internal Filter


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The Oase BioPlus 100 is the perfect internal filter for clear and healthy water. Integrated outlet nozzles for even surface movement, prevents formation of biofilm, enriches with oxygen. Integrated adjustable outlet nozzles instead of bothersome outlet pipe. Particularly easy to clean as only the filter unit is removed separately while the rest of the filter remains in the aquarium.

The high volume of the filter sponges ensures effective mechanical and biological filtration. The fine optional filter fleece also filters out any remaining turbidity and keeps water crystal-clear. EasyClean mechanism: Compact filter unit, which is easily removed for cleaning – the pump unit remains in place.

Extremely quiet and energy-saving internal filter. Suction holder for easy attachment in the aquarium corner.

The Oase heater is designed to fit completely inside the filter. (HeatUp adjustable heater sold separately) for undisturbed views of the underwater world without visible technology, optimum temperature level, improved safety. Fits perfectly in the corner of the aquarium for undisturbed views of the underwater world.

OASE BioPlus 100 Internal Filter:

  • Suitable for Aquariums up to 100 L
  • 500 LPH
  • 6 watts
  • 120 x 110 x 270mm
  • Quiet Operation
  • Filter Volume 0.5 L
  • Max Head Height 0.6m
  • Convenient Cleaning
  • Suitable for Fresh/Salt Water
  • Heater Not Included
  • Oase HeatUp 100 Sold Separately
  • Power Cable Length 1.5m
  • Net Weight 0.65kg
  • Guarantee  (+ Request Guarantee)* Years 3 + 1


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