PISCES LABORATORIES Algae Wafer 10mm 95g



Pisces Laboratories Premium Algae Wafer is suitable for all vegetarian and bottom feeder fish, providing a complete and balanced daily diet. This is the same food used to grow and breed Pisces ornamental fish. Contains sinking wafers 10mm in size.


Algae Wafers contain high levels of vegetables that provide the nutritional requirements for most bottom feeders and algae eaters. Enriched in vitamins and nutrients which promote health and vitality. The unique shape of the wafer absorbs water and softens easily.


Premium white fish meal, growth enzymes, soya meal, wheat germ, flour, prawn meal, dried yeast, fish oil, cereals, lecithin, spirulina, plant plankton, multivitamins and minerals.

PISCES Algae Wafer 10mm;

  • Crude Protein – Min 32%
  • Crude Fat – Min 3%
  • Crude Fibre – Max 6%
  • Crude Ash – Max 12%
  • Moisture – Max 10%


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