Premium Sinking Pellets 1mm 500g


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Premium Sinking Pellets is an ideal sinking pellet food suitable for all small tropical fish, aglae eaters and cichlids. It is a generic fish food for Tetras, Loaches, Gouramis, Guppies, Platties, Mollies, Rasboras, Swordtails, Algae Eaters, Cichlids. These pellets are high in protein essential for the rapid growth rate of fish.

Protein mixed with the right combination of fats and carbohydrates will give fish a constant healthy growth rate, without this balance growth rate will be slowed. Fish when small need an increased amount of protein and it is important to make sure they are receiving enough. When older, their need for protein decreases.

Premium Sinking Pellets 500g;

  • Suitable for all small tropical fish
  • High in Protein
  • 1mm in size
  • 500 Gram


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