FOBSUN LED CY60 24″ Aquarium Lamp 35w


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FOBSUN LED CY60 Aquarium Lamps come with Bridgelux LED’s, the lastest LED optic lens which improves brightness by 20 – 30%. The new stylish LED aquarium lamp has a beam angle of 120 degrees. 2 durable on/off switches with dimmers can control white or blue colour respectively. With large aluminium alloy heat sink, the advanced LED aquarium lamps can emit exact wavelengths to facilitate photosynthesis of Corals & Plants without increasing water temperature. The external power supply  with SAA certificates ensures high energy efficiency. Built-in advanced thermal management system ensures that the housing temperature will not exceed 40 C. The stylish mounting legs can greatly facilitate the installation process. With durable aluminium alloy housing, the CY60 LED aquarium lamp can last over 50,000 hours.

FOBSUN LED CY60 provides daylight conditions, also simulating lunar lighting, which creates a shimmering effect for plants, coral and fish. 70% of the spectral energy is distributed at 460nm, providing the most suitable light for plants or coral photosynthesis. Light can penetrate up to 3m into the water. LED is 3 times brighter than High pressure sodium or T5 HO under the same power. Double switches with dimmers can control blue and white lights separately.

FOBSUN LED CY60 Key Features:

  • Lighting Source: High Power LEDs
  • Wavelength: Blue – 460nm, White – 12000K
  • Ratio ( Blue:White ) 1:1
  • 24″ in length
  • 35 Watts
  • 50,000 Hrs Lifespan
  • Beam Angle 120 Degree
  • Heat Sink: Aluminum


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