Java Fern Microsorium Pteropus – Trident


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A variation of Microsrium Pteropus Java Fern, Trident is a slimmer leaved plant with the leaves forming the shape of a Trident. It has demands that are low making it perfect for a beginner. Commonly attached to driftwood or rocks. It can also be planted in the substrate, but make sure not to cover rhizome as it will rot. Trident does not require much light to grow. Propagation can be made by cutting the rhizome with a sharp knife or on the leaves of mature plants, new baby plants will form.

Size when ordered: 3cm Terracotta pot

Java Fern Microsorium Pteropus – Trident;

    • Family: Polypodiaceae
    • Origin: Hybrid
    • pH: 5 – 8
    • Temperature: 18 – 30° C
    • Height: 20+ cm
    • Lighting: Low


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