Alternanthera Reineckii Mini Tissue Culture

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Alternanthera Reineckii Mini is the smaller version of the popular plant Alternanthera. Forms nice dense bunches that are 5 – 10cm in height. Grows slower than the larger version. Prefers CO2 and high lighting to bring about nice compact growth and for general well being of the plant. A substrate rich in nutrients will definitely support this. For larger aquariums constant pruning will help to bring about a lush looking red carpet. This plant along with many other smaller plants are perfect for nano and small aquariums. Propagation is by side shoots or cutting and replanting. CO2 supplement from about 5mg/L. Water hardness from 3 – 15dH.

These tissue cultures are produced by professional horticulturalists from Pisces Enterprises. Grown in a purpose built sterile laboratory, free from pests, disease and algae. Superior quality with established root systems and fuller pots.

Size when ordering: Tissue Culture 75mm Container

Alternanthera Reineckii Mini;

  • Family: Amaranthaceae
  • Origin: Cultivated
  • pH: 5.8 – 7.2
  • Temperature: 18 – 28° C
  • Height: 5 – 10+ cm
  • Lighting: Medium to Very High


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