Blyxa Japonica – Dwarf Asian Grass


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Blyxa Japonica originates from Asia and is an easy plant to grow. Also referred to as Dwarf Asian Grass. A spiky looking plant that will create a bushy feel to the aquarium in larger clumps. Great foreground and centre plant, creating a nice buffer in front of larger plants. Likes high lighting with fertilized substrate. For best results add CO2. Leaf shape will vary due to different tank conditions. Lower lighting conditions will bring about smaller growth. Propagation done by cutting and replanting.

Size when ordering: 1 Stem

Blyxa Japonica;

  • Family: Hydrocharitaceae
  • Origin: Asia
  • pH: 5.5 – 8
  • Temperature:  20 – 30° C
  • Height:  5 cm – 25 cm
  • Lighting: Low to Moderate


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