Anubias Terracotta Breeding Cave



Anubias Terracotta Breeding Cave comes with an Anubias Plant already attached to it. Perfect for Plecostomus or Bristlenose to breed in. Also a great hiding place for your fish. Terracotta Breeding Cave is completely sealed at one end. Anubias plants are slow growing and can  be grown in any conditions. Having thick leaves this plant will not be eaten by fish. Propagation is done by carefully slicing the rhizome in two or more.

Size Of Breeding Cave: 13 x 7 x 4cm

Anubias Terracotta Breeding Cave;

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Africa
  • pH: 5.5 – 8
  • Temperature: 20 – 30° C
  • Lighting: Low to Moderate


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