RESUN AC1000 Air Pump


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RESUN AC1000 Air Pump is designed for smaller aquarium under 50 litres. This pump has a bit more power than the AC500, helping out with a bigger fish load. With its unique internal muffler it produces little noise. Its special anti vibration pad gives it stable performance and stops it from sliding across a flat surface.  It comes with a single outlet that effortlessly pumps 1.8 litres of air per minute. This air pump is safe, reliable and convenient to operate. Do not submerge air pump, it has to be kept dry at all times. Comes with a 2 year motor only warranty.

RESUN AC1000 Air Pump:

  • Aquariums Under 50 L
  • Pressure > 0.012MPa
  • Output: 1.8L/min
  • Single Outlet
  • 2.5 watts


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