RESUN King 5F Fountain Pump


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RESUN King 5F Fountain Pump is suitable for an aquarium water garden fountain and waterfall display. Can be used as an inline pump or fountain pump but not both at the same time. Pump needs to be fully submerged at all times. Comes with an adjustable flow rate. 10 metre cable included for easier pond installation.  Motor is encapsulated with epoxy resin to ensure full insulation. Inlet size is 25mm. Outlet size is 19mm and 25mm. Wear resistant ceramic shaft for extended life. Supplied with Volcano and Ring Fountain heads. Meets ISO 9001 : 2000 Standard. 2 year motor only warranty.

RESUN King 5F Fountain Pump;

  • High¬†Performance
  • Max Lift 4.0 mtrs
  • Volcano & Ring Fountain Heads Included
  • Fully Submersible
  • Inlet: 25mm
  • Outlet: 19 & 25mm
  • 10 Metre Cable
  • 130w
  • 6000 L/H
  • Size: 238 x 176 x 130mm


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