Coral Sand Premium 0.5 – 1mm 10Kg


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Coral sand has a bright white colour that reflects the light under corals promoting their growth. Unlike other so called “coral sands” on the market which are usually no more than crushed limestone or other mineral calcium chips, our substrate is pure Calcium Carbonate Coral. An important component of any African Rift Valley or marine tank. It’s natural smooth edges enable bottom dwelling fish to clean and feed without injury. It’s porous texture has an enormous surface for growing bacteria – an ideal platform for animals helping the biological filtration of the aquarium.

Approximate Bag Size: 28 x 30 x 8cm

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Coral Sand Information;

  • Calcium Carbonate 99.8%
  • Sio2 0.07%
  • Mgo 0.05%
  • AL2o3 0.05%
  • S04 0.03%
  • FE203 40ppm
  • 10 Kilograms


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