Fighter Jewels – Emerald 500g


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Bring out your betta buddy’s abode with the PNP Trading Betta Aquarium Jewels.

Made of recycled glass, these semi-translucent pebbles are tumbled and polished for a jewel-like finish that adds color and vitality to your aquarium. They’re perfect for any aquarium set up and fish community, including goldfish, guppies and more, and are perfectly “inert”, which means they won’t change your water chemistry and are harmless to fish.

Size: 300mL

Fighter Jewels Emerald 500g:

  • Glass pebbles add color and vibrancy to any aquarium set up, including betta bowls and tanks with goldfish, guppies and more.
  • Inert glass so it won’t alter the water chemistry and is totally safe and non-toxic for all fish.
  • Polished and tumbled for a jewel-like finish that adds a visually-stunning shimmering effect.
  • Made of recycled glass and sink easily so they’re simple to add to your aquarium without water changes.


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