UP AQUA Aqua Soil 3 Litres


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UP AQUA Aqua Soil contains all the necessary nutrients such as Iron and Phosphorus which are vital to healthy plant growth have been pre-combined with the soil.

AQUA SOIL clears aquarium water and provides good water conditions for the healthy growth of aquatic plants. Its colloid particles capture dirt floating in the water and without any chemical treatment it decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the pH level to a degree at which most aquatic plants can grow comfortably. AQUA SOIL is composed of granules of the size and density ideal for fast development of healthy plants root systems.

This ideally balanced soil allows you to create an Aquascape depicting the fertile South American rainforest with the dynamic alternation of rainy and dry seasons. Discus, Angels, catfish, Freshwater Shrimp and other tropical fish will love the new environment you have created for them and will thrive with all the oxygen being produced from your plants.

All Aquarium plants thrive when grown in AQUA SOIL.

Bag Size Approx.: 30 x 25 x 4 cm


Do not wash product before use

Distribute the Aqua Sand evenly on the aquarium bottom. For ideal conditions, lower the level of the soil in the front portion of the tank, with a high soil level in the rear of the tank. Planting is easier when the water level is low enough to only just cover the Aqua Sand substrate. Fill the aquarium with water after planting. Pour the water gently on a plate or mug to slowly avoid clouding the aquarium water. The water may become cloudy after setup. This cloudiness disappears in a few hours with a properly functioning filtration system.

Up Aqua Aqua Soil:

  • Rich in elements for plants
  • Ideal granule size for healthy plant roots and development
  • Lowers pH and Hardness
  • Granule size: 1- 4mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Bag Size: 3 Litres


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