Electric Yellow

Electric YellowScientific Name Labidochromis Caruleus
Family Cichlidae
pH 7.5 – 8.5
dH 10 – 17
Temp 23– 27 degrees
Life Span 10 years


Africa from Lake Malawi only found on the western side in Nkhata Bay.


Also known as the Lemon drop cichlid, Lemon cichlid, Blue streak Hap, Yellow Lab, Electric Yellow Lab. Yellow Lab Cichlid. It is a Mbuna meaning rockfish which is the common name for a large group of African Haplochromine Cichlids from Lake Malawi. Their bright yellow colour easily distinguishes them from other cichlids. Their body is elongated making them fast swimmers with the male slightly larger than the female. Both have a black line that runs all the way across the top of the dorsal fin. On some Electric Yellow’s a black line runs through the eye. It has been said to grow up to 6 inches but usually around 3 – 4 inches in most tanks.


Water quality should be extremely clean and well filtered with harder more alkaline water mimicking that of Lake Malawi. Electric Yellow’s prefer dark caves and rocks. Texas Holey Rock as well as rock backgrounds work well. Being mainly from a rocky environment it is best to provide them with ample hiding spaces. Driftwood can also add adequate cover. Provide a sandy bottom so they can dig and add plants more tolerable to harder water environments. Minimum tank size of 3ft.


Adaptable to a lot of different cichlid setups, they make an excellent community fish.  Their temperament is more timid compared with other Mbunas. Can be aggressive toward fish of a similar size and colour, being territorial when foraging for food or breeding. Keep singularly or in a group. If keeping in a group, ideally keep them with more females to males as the males will be more aggressive with each other. Other tank mates should include African lake cichlids.


Electric Yellow’s are omnivores, feeding on insects, invertebrates, Spirulina and algae flakes, frozen foods, cichlid flake & pellet food. Eating more vegetable based food will help keep Malawi Bloat from occurring.


Although not as common with Electric Yellows they can contract Malawi Bloat and are also susceptible to other diseases.


Electric Yellows are not hard to breed. Provide lots of hiding places like caves or piping. Keep a larger ratio of females to males as the male can be quite harassing of one female, with her possibly being not able to lay eggs. The male will produce a blue colour during breeding. He is more aggressive at this time. Being mouth brooders the female will carrying up to 30 eggs in her mouth. Once the fry hatch she will keep them in her mouth for about 3 weeks. Fry can be feed brine shrimp or powdered fry foods.