Freshwater Supplies & Accessories

Freshwater fish are amazing to keep in the aquarium and with such a wide range of fish available these days, making a choice of what fish to keep is easy. Whether it’s Tropical’s, Cichlid’s, Goldfish, Koi, Natives or Shrimp, Serene Aquarium has a wide range of freshwater supplies and accessories to help you maintain the everyday needs your fish require.

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Community TankFreshwater Tropical Fish have minimal aggression, look great and can be kept with so many other types of fish. A Community tank for that reason, is a very popular choice. Availability through aquarium shops of Gourami’s, Barbs, Danios, Guppy’s, Rasbora’s, Shark’s, Loaches, Catfish,  Molly’s, Tetra’s and many more is prolific and stocking your aquarium is effortless.

In addition, this opens doors to a wide range of Live Aquatic Plants that can be used. Not only are plants great for balancing your aquarium but they help fish relax and stay at ease throughout their entire life cycle. Their colours become more vibrant and the environment as a whole encompasses them, so you can fully appreciate how they would live in their natural habitat.


Red ZebraCichlid fish, with their vibrant colours and constant activity, make them a sort after fish to own in an aquarium. There are over 2000 species of cichlid’s available worldwide mainly  from Africa and America.

In Africa, Lake Malawi, Tanganyika & Victoria give life to a range of cichlid’s that are able to thrive in the vastness of this environment. They will be found living in rocky and sandy areas and also deep water surroundings. American cichlid’s, mainly in South America, can be found along the Amazon River inhabiting fast flowing white water areas, tributaries and blackwater environments.

Some Cichlid’s are peaceful, and can be kept with other fresh water tropical species. But generally most are more aggressive and it’s best to keep them together with other Cichlid’s or fish that are similar in nature.


GoldfishGoldfish come in a variety of shapes and colours and are popular among aquarium owners. There are over 250 different species alive today. Goldfish are coldwater fish, preferring to live at temperatures below 22 degrees. Many owners like to keep goldfish in ponds as the lower temperatures help to keep them cool. The large space gives ample room to swim around in, helping the water to stay cleaner. This also helps in warmer areas or summer months with over heating.

Goldfish were the first domesticated fish to be kept the aquarium and are a great fish for beginners. Being easy to maintain and quite hardy, maintenance can be kept to a minimum. Regular water changes will help your goldfish stay happy and healthy.

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