Coral Driftwood Medium


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Coral Aquascaping Driftwood is a wonderful “shrub” like wood that has had it’s bark removed to reveal an almost ghost like white smooth wood.

This wood will sink after a few days and has almost zero tannins.

  • Will sink within a few day
  • Very little to no tannins
  • Hardwood that will not rot
  • Safe for all aquatic life


Soak for a few hours before use.

As a small plant it may have some sharper mini tips.

While we do remove these in and during production it is recommended checking the wood and simply cut or trim off any we may have missed before use.

Please note: The blacks tips are a natural feature and add a stunning “look” to this remarkable wood.

The pieces of Coral Driftwood in the pictures are for illustration purposes only. A Different piece of this wood will be supplied when ordered.

Approximate Size of Driftwood: 22 – 32cm

Coral Aquascaping Driftwood;

  • Little to no Tannins
  • 100% Safe for an Aquarium
  • Will Sink within a few days
  • Aquascaping Driftwood


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