Pisces Laboratories

Pisces Laboratories is the research and development branch of the Pisces Group. For decades, Pisces Laboratories has been at the forefront of the development and production of treatments, foods, equipment, packaging and R&D for Pisces Enterprises, Pisces Aquatics and Pisces Natural Products – The Pisces Group.

Led by our in-house scientists, marine biologists, entomologists, and design engineers, this department has been hidden from the public eye – until now.

Recently the Pisces Group board came to the decision to offer our customers the same products we have developed over the years and used in our own extensive production of live food, aquarium plants and Australian grown aquarium fish. The opportunity to now own and use the same formulas we have developed over the years is a ground breaking concept.

• Our water treatments are formulated specifically for Australian conditions.
• Our aquarium plant fertilizers are blended to the exact requirements for Pisces aquarium plants.
• Our fish food has been developed over years of experience and extensively used in our breeding programs by Pisces Aquatics – Australia’s leading aquarium fish producer.
• All our electrical items are hi-tech, durable and have been developed in accordance with our needs.

EX Series External Filter


Pisces FM200 Ceramic Rings 400g


Pisces Cichlid Pellet Large Sinking 210g


Pisces AP3600 Air Pump


Pisces Laboratories Complete Water Conditioner 500mL


Pisces Laboratories Floating Glass Thermometer