Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp
Scientific Name
Neocaridina Denticulata Sinensis
Family Atyidae
pH 6.3 – 7.8
dH 2 – 10
Temp 16 – 29 degrees
Life Span 1+ years


The Red Cherry Shrimp originates from Taiwan, China and Vietnam.


Red Cherry Shrimp also known as Cherry Red Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp, RCS, are easy to keep making them an ideal choice for a small aquarium. They usually grow up to 4cm in length. Their intense red colour make them a sort after choice, a good contrast to a planted background. The female is larger and more colourful than the male and has a rounder belly. They are known to blend into the background and will even become transparent if the substrate is light enough. They are quite sensitive so it is best to keep the water quality in perfect condition. A planted aquarium with help bring out their full colour.


Due to the size of the Cherry shrimp, small tanks are usually the preferred choice for them. Cherry Shrimp are most happy in a planted aquarium. This not only provides them with ample cover but they love to constantly forage for food like algae on the leaves of plants and other ornaments. Keep the water well filtered and clean with stable water parameters. Plants also help to use up excess ammonia and nitrates in the water. They can be kept in a tank either by themselves or with fish not big enough to eat them. They have little defense against larger predators. Cherry Shrimp produce almost no waste making them ideal to be kept in large numbers in the aquarium.


The Red Cherry Shrimp is always constantly moving doing something. They keep extremely busy with cleaning and eating. It’s delightful to watch, so much activity especially with a tank full of them. Periodically they shed their skeleton, especially if there has been a large change to the environment. They also like to swim across the tank, not being stuck to just the bottom. They are great scavenger and will help to eat up any left over plant debris.


Red Cherry Shrimp are ominorves and will mainly consume algae and other vegetable matter. Fish flakes, Algae wafers, pellets and flakes. Blanched vegetables like Zuccihi, peas, spinach, lettuce. Shrimp are only small so over feeding can lead to decaying food, which in turn leads to a dirty tank.


Be careful when using medications as shrimp a very sensitive. Avoid anything with copper in it as this can be fatal to them.


Breeding Red Cherry Shrimp is fairly simple and with enough of them in a tank, this should happen quite frequently. It is best to use a shrimp only tank as small fish like neons and barbs can easily consume the fry.  The female will carry her eggs for about 3 weeks. Eggs will be yellow or green.  Fry will be quite small to start and forage on any bio film available until they are big enough to eat with the adults. Provide the female with moss as this aids in shelter for the young.