AQUA NATURAL Oliver Knott Plant Laterite Substrate Fertilizer 2L


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Plant Laterite is a rich mineral based substrate. It can be used as a base fertilizer platform with other Oliver Knott substrates such as AquaEarth, Scoria and Iron Sand. Alternatively, the unique properties allow it to be used alone as an all in one fertilizer and gravel substrate.

New Tank: Sprinkle evenly into a thin layer over the bottom of aquarium. Any areas intended for planting, build up to double depth. Cover Laterite with your substrate of choice, for example river gravel, pebble or sand.

AQUA NATURALS Plant Laterite:

  • Mineral Rich
  • For Aquariums, Palladiums & Tropical Terrariums
  • pH Stable
  • Spheres For Power Plant Growth
  • Size: 2 Litre