Aquatic Plant Food BIOTEC 250mL



Aquatic Plant Food 250mL by BIOTEC promotes growth of lush aquatic foliage and beautiful flowers. Contains key ingredients including Potassium (flower stimulants) & chelated Iron (lush foliage + blooms). Special macronutrients also added from natural trace elements & natural growth hormones from Kelp. Also aids in preventing superficial fish fungal disease.

Direction: 20ml to 100L pond/tank water per week

BIOTEC Aquatic Plant Food 250mL;

  • Size 250mL
  • Contains Chelated Iron & Potassium
  • Micronutrients from Trace Elements & Kelp
  • Prevents Fish Fungal Disease
  • Dose 20mL to 100L
  • 250mL treats 1250 Litres


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