The Oliver Knott Range

The Oliver Knott Range is a collection of Fertilization, Purification and Minerialization products to help your fish and plants stay in optimal health.

The Fertilization range consist of nutrients essential for growing and maintaining plant life. Use either the superfood range or substrates or a combination of both. The superfoods are highly concentrated and can be used by sprinkling under your desired substrate to enhance growth.

Our Organics Remover range provides excellent biofiltration of nitrogenous waste by the highly porous pumice bio-media. Because of the unique volcanic structure, our product has the ability to reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrates whilst removing organics. Organics Remover doesn’t require replacement, rinse and reuse. Can be used in all types of filters, wet or wet/dry.

Harvested through advanced solar evaporation techniques from the waters of the world famous Australian Great Barrier Reef, this aquarium salt is like no other in the world. Oliver Knott Aquarium Salts contain essential electrolytes and minerals. Rich in calcium, magnesium and iron which can help improve water quality by removing ions and replacing lost trace elements during water changes.