About Us

Serenity is everywhere and anywhere you search for it, and an aquarium is a great place to start. Inside, you will find our product range, which will help you acquire the aquarium you desire. Serene Aquarium is dedicated to bringing you top quality products and advice, so you to get the best for your aquarium. We hope you have as much fun using this website as we did creating it.

Fish RicciaKeeping an aquarium is not difficult, and as long as you take the necessary steps, it will provide you with a calm and natural environment– bringing you happiness and well being. You will definitely notice the difference of  having a beautiful moving landscape in your home. A complete Eco-system in perfect harmony – changing as you see fit.

Don’t forget to keep coming back as we will update periodically, products, information on maintaining your aquarium, hints & tips, aqua-scaping and loads more. If you have certain requirements, or a product is not available on our website, our team would be happy to source it out for you.

We here are Serene Aquarium wish you every bit of success and enjoyment with your aquarium.