Win An AQUA ZONIC UV Filter Competition

AQUA ZONIC UV Filter Competition*

Every order placed through our website before 10th of October 2014, automatically puts you into the draw to win an AQUA ZONIC Universal 9000 UV Filter valued at $59.95.


AQUA ZONIC UV Filter Universal 9000 eliminates and prevents multitudes of aquarium problems with its UV Sterilizer. It protects your fish against diseases by removing harmful bacteria pathogens and fungal spores and improving/maintaining the general water quality. Algae(Green Water) problems can also be controlled constantly without the usage of chemicals. Easily interchangeable fittings allows for ease of installation in various applications. The special quartz glass holder allows the UV lamps to operate at maximum penetration and efficiency, while the specially designed End indicator allows for safe and easy checking on the UV Lamp.

Treats Aquariums/Ponds up to 9000 Litres

This UV filter does not come with a pump. It needs to be connected to a filter or pump for it to work.

AQUA ZONIC UV Filter Universal 9000 Key Features;

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Extra long UV effective hours – 5000 hours
  • Helps obtain and maintain optimal water quality
  • Multiple fittings provided for flexibility in application
  • End indicator for safe and easy checking of UV lamp
  • Special Quartz glass used for maximum UV penetration and efficiency
  • Clarifies water and controls algae (green water) without chemical usage
  • Highly effective in disease prevention by eliminating harmful bacteria pathogens & fungal spores
  • Aquariums/Ponds up to 9000 Litres
  • 9 Watts
  • Model: U-UV 9000

Competition entry closes 10/10/14 @ 6pm. Competition is only open to purchases made prior to 10/10/14. Winning entry will be announced on the 17/10/14. Please allow up to 2 weeks after announcement for prize to arrive.