Aquarium Salt 500g


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Freshwater fish are constantly losing minerals to the water around them. They must maintain the correct concentration of minerals and amount of water in their bodies in order to survive. To regulate hormones and other metabolic nitrogenous wastes, fish will excrete any excessive amounts of them through their skin and kidneys.

Aquarium Salt is rich in electrolytes and minerals which are necessary for the health and vitality of your fish. This will help with gill function and osmoregulation. Aquarium Salt is also used as a medication to treat sick fish.

Use 1 Teaspoon (4g) per 10 Litres
Only use salt when doing a water change and not topping up evapourated water

Aquarium Salt;

  • Replaces Lost Electrolytes
  • Improves Gill Function and Health
  • Size: 500g