BIOTEC Water Ager CN 2L


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BIOTEC Water Ager CN 2L is a high strength, water conditioner chlorine neutralizer – dechlorinater. Neutralizes chlorine and Chloramines instantly. Detoxifies toxic Ammonia. Detoxifies Heavy Metals such as Copper, Zinc, Lead, Aluminium and Iron. Slime Coats & Protects Fish. From a WA University study, Water Ager Cn comes up second in the ability to neutralize heavy metals.

Water Ager is an essential part of the aquarium maintenance routine. Not only does it help with fish health by removing toxins from the water, but also the bacteria as well. It is always good practice to premix water with a dechlorinater before pouring it into the aquarium. This way you can guarantee it has removed all toxins. By pouring water directly into your aquarium it will kill off all the beneficial bacteria in your filter. This is a sure way to upset the balance in the aquarium and have an ammonia spike. Fish, being mostly made up of water, will be quick to absorb anything extra added to the aquarium water. For this reason use only a quality product for your aquarium.

BIOTEC Water Ager Cn 2L:

  • Size is 2 Litres
  • 1mL to 40 Litres Tap Water
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals
  • Neutralizes Chlorine & Chloramines Instantly
  • Slime Coats & Protects Fish


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