BIOTEC Water Ager CN 500mL

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BIOTEC Water Ager CN 500mL is a high strength, water conditioner chlorine neutralizer. Neutralizes chlorine and Chloramines instantly. Detoxifies toxic Ammonia. Detoxifies Heavy Metals. Slime Coats & Protects Fish.

BIOTEC Water Conditioner Ager CN 500mL

  • 1mL to 40 Litres Tap Water
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals
  • Neutralizes Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Slime Coats & Protects Fish
  • 500 millilitres

1 review for BIOTEC Water Ager CN 500mL

  1. covejennifer

    It works fine as a dechlorinator, but it was a culprit in lowering my pH. I used it in a very small tank for a year and only had to use 2 drops during a water change and did not see any lowering of the pH. But I got a much bigger tank and subsequently had to use many more drops when I set up the tank (50 drops was the initial dosage), then I had to use 12 drops for my water changes. I started noticing my pH dropping gradually. I then did a larger water change one day and my pH dropped dramatically. My pH was 6 or under and my tap water is 7. On a whim, I decided to put tap water in a test tube and tested the pH. It was 7. I then added 2 drops of this product to that same tube and the pH instantly became 6. It appears it is acidic and lowers pH. Do not use for large tanks or if you require larger dosage. But I personally wouldn’t use it at all. I have switched to Seachem Prime which states on the bottle it will not affect pH and is not acidic.

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