PISCES AQUATICS Slim Hanging Filter Replacement Cartridge


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PISCES AQUATICS Slim Hanging Filter Replacement Cartridge is for use in the;

  • SH100
  • SH200
  • SH300
  • SH400

One size fits all filters.

PISCES AQUATICS Slim Hanging Filters are ultra thin, making them easy to fit into tight spaces behind an aquarium. Mechanical and Biological filtration. Pump remains under water for quiet operation. This filter is for freshwater and marine. The standard size carbon cartridge fits all Slim Hanging Filters from PISCES AQUATICS.

Cartridges can be used a couple of times. Always rinse your slim filter cartridge in water from your aquarium to avoid killing your healthy bacteria which has accumulated on these cartridges. Chlorine and other chemicals from tap water will kill the bacteria, which in turn will disrupt the nitrogen cycle already established in the aquarium. This can lead to a spike in ammonia and fish deaths in the days that will follow. If changing cartridges and putting in new ones, only put in one new one at a time as this will keep bacteria in the filter to continue the nitrogen cycle, giving the new cartridge time to be colonized with healthy bacteria.

Filtration is the key to cleanliness in the aquarium. Regular water changes are also an important factor. The two go hand in hand. One converting toxic Ammonia(NH3), Ammonium(NH4), Nitrite(NO2) to a safer form Nitrate(NO3), which by then doing a water change removes the build up of Nitrates(NO3), which at higher levels is also toxic to fish. Smaller more consistent water changes are a lot less disruptive to the health of your fish than larger ones.

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