ABSOLUTE Cleantech Canister Filter X-1060


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Cleantech Canister Filter X-1060 by ABSOLUTE is quiet and reliable. It works beautifully on aquariums up to 250L. With a flow rate of 1060L/H and 3 media baskets this filter is easy to maintain and suitable for both fresh and salt water. Comes with everything needed to maintain beneficial bacteria – Bio Balls, Ceramic Rings, Filter sponges both coarse and fine plus replaceable carbon sponges.

Filtration is so important for the aquarium. It is vital to make sure your filter is reliable and the right size. Anywhere from 3 to 10 times the Litres per hour is ok for the aquarium. This is needed to help with removing debris, movement and flow of the water and oxyegnation of the bacteria inside the filter. Most fish require good oxygenation of the water rather than stagnation.

ABSOLUTE Cleantech X-1060 Canister Filter;

  • Suitable for Aquariums 150 – 250 Litres
  • 1060 LPH
  • 18 Watt
  • Sponge, Ceramic Ring Bio Balls & Carbon Included
  • Pipe 16/20mm
  • 2 Year Warranty Motor Only


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