Aragonite 4.5Kg


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Aragonite for Fresh or Salt water aquariums. From Australia this Aragonite substrate is an ideal substrate to buffer any aquarium. Will raise pH and gH. Perfect for African Cichlids or any other Saltwater setup. Can also be used in the filter in a filter sock or mesh bag to help harden aquarium water. Although washed, further rinsing should be done before placing in the aquarium. Buffering of water can take up to 2 weeks. Sizing is 2-4mm.

Approximate Bag Size: 28 x 22 x 4.5cm

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Aragonite Substrate 4.5kg:

  • Suitable for African Cichlids, Reef or Marine Aquariums
  • White
  • Will Raise GH & KH
  • 4.5 Kilograms


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