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Anubias Assorted plants. We will choose & send 1 x Anubias of the following for you;

Afzelii O/T
Barteri O/T
Emerald Heart
Hybrid Broad
Curly Heart

Originating from Africa, these plants are undemanding and can be grown in any conditions, making it a popular choice for beginners. Having thick leaves this plant will not be eaten by fish. Attaching this plant to driftwood is popular and is done with fishing line or thread. When planting in substrate, do not cover the rhizome as it has a tendency to rot. Propagation is done by carefully slicing the rhizome in two or more. Some of these plant species are variations of certain types of Anubias.

Keeping Anubias plants is quite easy as most of them can be grown without any extra fertilzer being added to the aquarium. As long as there is light then these plants are definitely low maintenence. If placed in a tank with high lighting, keep these plants in shaded areas more so than not. With slow growing leaves, over time algae will grow on them compared with other faster growing bunch plants. If algae does grow and becomes unsightly, take a soft bristled toothbrush and gently rub down the leaves removing any excess algae buildup. Constant consisent maintenence over time is a lot better than trying to do it all in one go after say 6 months when algae can become harder to remove. These plants are definitely a must for any aquarium.

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Bare root, meaning just the plant. No pot added.

Size is: 1 x Anubias 10 – 20cm (5+ Leaves, Bare root)

Pictures are for illustration purposes. Only 1 x Anubias plant 10 – 20cm (5+ Leaves) will be sent when ordered

Anubias Information;

    • Family: Araceae
    • Origin: Africa
    • pH: 5.5 – 8
    • Temperature: 20 – 30° C
    • Height: 5 cm – 45 cm
    • Lighting: Low – Moderate


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