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The Attach Plant Pack is a group of suitable plants used to attach to driftwood, rocks or any other ornaments in your aquarium. All plants can be held down by fishing line, cotton or underwater glue. With underwater glue it is a good idea to purchase one that dries clear and is non toxic. Over time the roots of the plant will attach completely. These plants are all easy to grow and are great for beginners.

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Attach Plant Pack Includes;

2 x Java Fern Small 10 -20cm
1 x Java Crested (Windelov) 3cm Pot
2 x Assorted Anubias Small 10 – 20cm
1 x Bolbitis Heudelotti 3cm Pot

1 review for Attach Plant Pack

  1. yumikoala3964

    I purchased the Attach Plant Pack about 10 months ago and I couldn’t be happier with their growth and quality. They are still going very strong and look great in my tank. Highly recommend.

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