MR AQUA Slim Wide Double Row LED 2FT


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The MR AQUA Slim Wide Angle Double Row LED is suitable for use in the planted aquarium or with freshwater fish. The light it emits is a crisp bright white that will help illuminate fish and plants evenly. The double row allows for additional light in the same amount of space as a regular light. The case is made of a high quality aluminium to help dissipate heat build up. 60cm light with adjustable arms allow the light to fit up to a 70cm wide aquarium, also allowing adjustable height as well. 3 stage touch dimmer allowing you to leave the light at the selected brightness – low, medium or high.

MR AQUA Slim Wide Double Row LED 2FT

  • Light size: 2ft (60cm)
  • Rated power:30W
  • Wattage:LED 0.375W X 96
  • Extendable Arm Range:60~70 CM
  • Light Dimension:57.7 X 14 X 2.8 CM
  • Carton size:60.5 X 15 X 8 CM
  • Australian power adapter/plugs
  • Colour: Silver
  • 3 stage touch dimmer
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty


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