Hygrophila Difformis – Wisteria

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Hygrophila Difformis – Wisteria is an undemanding plant which originates from South-east Asia. It has unique lace-like leaves which are very popular among aquarium enthusiasts. Different tank conditions will vary leaf appearance. This plant grows extremely quick and will help remove any leftover nutrients.

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Hygrophila Difformis;

  • Family: Acanthaceae
  • Origin: South-east Asia
  • pH:   5 – 8
  • Temperature:  22 – 30° C
  • Height: 20 cm – 50 cm
  • Lighting: Moderate to High

1 review for Hygrophila Difformis – Wisteria

  1. Claudia Phoenix (verified owner)

    Its reputation is true– this plant grows crazy fast! It has a really lovely unique look and helped to fill space in my 300L quickly. Will probably need frequent trimming

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