Riccia Fluitans – Crystalwort

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Riccia Fluitans is a great foreground plant. It forms a dense carpet with sufficient lighting and Co2. Riccia is a floating plant. To help it stay submerged, it is tied down to rocks or driftwood with fishing line or a  plastic mesh. Constant pruning is needed as it grows quickly and will become dislodged from its original position. Riccia Fluitans is a very common plant in Aquascaping and has been made popular due to Japanese Aquascaper Amano Takashi.

Size when ordering: 8 x 5cm

Riccia Fluitans Information;

  • Family: Ricciaceae
  • Origin: Cosmopolitan
  • Temperature: 10 – 28° C
  • pH: 5 – 8
  • Height: 1 cm – 4 cm
  • Lighting: Moderate to High


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