Fontinalis Antipyretica Moss


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Fontinalis Antipyretica is is a slow growing moss found all over the world. Its darker green texture gives it a pleasurable look over driftwood. As with most plants CO2 enhances more rapid growth, demanding less light than other moss.  Said to be a cold water moss but can be cultivated in warmer waters. Can be attached to driftwood or rocks. Best to use thin cotton as this will disintegrate over time, leaving the moss completely attached.

Size when ordering: 8 x 5cm

Fontinalis Antipyretica;

  • Family: Fontinalaceae
  • Origin: World wide
  • pH: 6 – 8
  • Temperature: 10 – 28° C
  • Height: 1 cm – 5 cm
  • Lighting: Low to Moderate


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