BIOTEC Biosuper Concentrate 100g Powder


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Biosuper Concentrate contains aerobic and anaerobic aquarium and pond multifunction microbes that dissolve waste from uneaten food and other waste such as dead algae and assists nitrifying microbes in reducing toxic ammonia and nitrite.

Dominates in the water to out compete fish disease-causing bacteria which causes fin/tail rot, mouth fungus, ulcer/hole-in-body, swollen belly, popeye, color loss, list-to-one-side, white spot, etc.

Protects fish with naturally produced slime-coat which is produced by probiotic Biosuper microbes.

Highest microbe concentration, tested to contain 20-200,000 times more microbes than many other powder
and liquid brands in 95/97. Longer shelf life – More than 2 years (patented manufacturing) Used in Darling Harbor Lake (since 1995), large shellfish & finfish aquaculture, 1-10 million litre size ponds.

Use in bio-starting and after medication, algaecide use and after water changes.

Bio Starts New Tank Setup

You get clearer tanks, livelier fish, no tank or pond smell, reduces stress and fish loss, less water changes.
For Freshwater or Saltwater

Dose: 2 gm Biosuper Concentrate to 400L (during maintenance), 100L(initial application) Every 7-14 days. 1/3 dose for large pond.

BIOTEC Biosuper Concentrate 100g Aerobic and Anaerobic;

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic multifunction microbes
  • Reactivates carbon filtering, increase adsorption
  • Reduces fish stress and losses
  • Reduces water exchanges


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