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AQUA NATURALS Oliver Knott Shrimp Peat 2L is 100% Organic Peat Moss and is recognised as a superior natural way of lowering freshwater shrimp water pH with the additional benefits of releasing acid rich tannins which also helps soften the water.

Shrimp Peat is made from 100% organic peat moss from the pure world famous Canadian sphagnum moss bogs. It acts in the aquarium by binding calcium and magnesium ions and simultaneously breaking down bicarbonates resulting in hardness reduction and a lower pH.


It is recommended to use Shrimp Peat in small amounts and gradually increase the amount needed in order to lower the pH to your required levels. It is recommended not to lower the pH more than 0.2 per 24 hours.

As time passes the beneficial properties will diminish as it decomposes. Monitor your pH levels at regular intervals and replace the Peat as required.

Using a filter sock, place the desired amount directly inside your filter, usually between the filter pad and other media you may have.

This same technique can be used by placing the sock directly into the aquarium next to the filter water current which will ensure the tannins spread evenly.

AQUA NATURALS Oliver Knott Shrimp Peat Moss 2L:

  • 100% Organic
  • Lowers pH
  • Acid Rich Tannins
  • Softens Water


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