MR AQUA Super Activated Carbon 180g 2 pack


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MR AQUA Super Activated Carbon contains a huge porous surface area that helps to remove dissolved waste and impurities. Will improve water clarity and quality. Removes dyes, medications and odours. Comes in two handy disposable 180G bag. Mr Aqua produces the most advanced aquarium filter material and aquarium products to give your fish the best.


Before using rinse carbon with water. When using medication, remove the carbon from the filter. Use one pouch for every 200 Litres. Suitable for fresh and salt water. Replace every 60 days.

MR AQUA Super Activated Carbon 180g;

  • Disposable 180g Pouches
  • Improves Water Clarity & Quality
  • 2 Pack
  • 1 pouch to 200 Litres
  • For Fresh & Salt Water


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