Lace Fern – Ceratopteris Thalictroides


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Lace Fern Ceratopteris Thalictroides can also be known as other common names as Water Sprite, Water Hornfern or Oriental Waterfern. Originating from Asia and this plant can live in a range of conditions from very soft to very hard water and lighting from low to very high. Ceratopteris Thalictroides will grow rapidly making this a great addition to the aquarium for a beginner. Its fast growth will also help to soak up any leftover nutrients in a tank. If left unchecked it will grow out of an aquarium and can also be used as a floating plant where very quickly it will support itself and also grow up above the surface. Its bushy nature will help to fill up large spaces in the aquarium. Plant the roots firmly in the substrate but not to deep to cover the base. Propagation is from removing small plantlets from the edge of older leaves.

Size when ordering: 1 plant 10 – 25cm

Lace Fern;

  • Family: Pteridaceae
  • Origin: Asia
  • pH: 5 – 9
  • Temperature: 20 – 28° C
  • Height: 10 cm – 35+ cm
  • Lighting: Low – Very High


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